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They thought they were a traditional male and had few signs otherwise.Even today, we irrationally, and rather stupidly, think of someone as a “man” if they look masculine and as a “woman” if the look feminine.When he menstruated once a month, the excess blood had nowhere to go since there was no available external exit, causing it to be reabsorbed into his body. And then we get into the really interesting territory.It is possible that your body, your brain, and your reproductive system could all be different biological sexes, or in some cases, biologically one sex but as another sex. She has a fully functioning male reproductive system.Riley’s brain wired as female despite having XY chromosomes. When this happens, the testosterone released by the mother’s body during development doesn’t trigger the signal to map the brain as male, and a female mind is created, despite the fact the genetic instructions from the chromosomes is busy making the physical body male.The only way to remove the cognitive dissonance and prevent suicide, substance abuse, and a host of other coping mechanisms that lead inevitably to death and misery is sexual reassignment surgery, forcing the exterior body to line up with the brain.It’s entirely arbitrary and can lead to some significant misunderstandings of how the world works.

The largest study documenting the extent of the differences between male and female brains was done by Dr.This remained a secret until Stella’s death in 1980 when “she was shot and killed in the cross-fire of an armed bank robbery in Los Angeles”.Today, we have genetics and DNA that allows us to examine karyotype.(There are actually many more than six but they result in spontaneous abortion as the body knows the fetus won’t be viable so it is flushed out of the system in a natural process meant to minimize the amount of nutrients and metabolism devoted to growing non-viable offspring.) The six biological karyotype sexes that do not result in death to the fetus are: When you consider that there are 7,000,000,000 alive on the planet, there are almost assuredly tens of millions of people who are not male or female.Many times, these people are unaware of their true sex.

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There was a news story about a 66 year old man who discovered, during a trip to the doctor, that he was really a woman.

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