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Flinders petrie dating system

It is most easily reached via the wadi entrance that separates the North Tombs into two groups and then by following the floor of the side wadi (Wadi Zabeida) that runs north-westwards.

As a source of material of value it must have been counted amongst the assets of the estate of the king’s mother, Queen Tiy.

It dates to the time of the valiant last stand by the few remaining...

An unexpected discovery was made when works began for a 13-storey skyscraper for apartments and shops in Manchester, England.

Calendars allowed societies to organize time for religious, social, economic, and administrative purposes.

The calendar, or rather, two sets of calendars, were invented by the ancient Egyptians.

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When it was visited in 1892 by Flinders Petrie he found the name of Queen Tiy carved inside.

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