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A Shawnee colony called the Savannah is in South Carolina, where they form a buffer between the Cherokee and the Catawba.1652-c.1665 - The Wyandots and Ottawa move inland from Green Bay to the Mississippi River, then drift north to Chequamegon on Lake Superior in Sioux country, where they resume fur trade with the French.1653-1656 - The Erie lose a protracted war with the Iroquois. Ignace to find the great river described by the Illinois Indians.

They reach the Mississippi on June 17, and the mouth of the Arkansas a month later, where they turn back after learning there are Spanish in the area of the present New Orleans.1680 - August 21; Pueblo Indians take possession of Santa Fe after driving out the Spanish.

Many flee to islands in Georgian Bay; some seek refuge with the Ottawa, Petun, or French, while others become adopted captives of the Iroquois. Father Charles Garnier and Father Noel Chabanel, missionaries to the Petun at St.

Jean, are tortured to death by the Iroquois, bringing the number of Jesuit martyrs to five.

The Delaware still on the Susquehanna stay neutral at first.

The Iroquois discover firearms.1629 - August 9; after a relief expedition sent by Richelieu from France is captured by privateers, Champlain is forced to surrender Quebec to the English.With his followers he leaves Detroit to establish a new village at Lower Sandusky (present Fremont, Ohio).With his followers he leaves Detroit to establish a new village at Lower Sandusky (present Fremont, Ohio).1744 - August 8; Fort de la Trinite, popularly called Fort de Cavagnial, is established by the French on the west bank of the Missouri River near the principal Kansa village, just north of the present Fort Leavenworth.From this point, the Iroquois regard the Delaware as a subserviant people.The Munsee have already separated from the main Delaware group.

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August 15; a Spanish military expedition from Santa Fe and their Apache allies are defeated by the Pawnee and their French allies near the principal Pawnee village at the forks of the Platte in present Nebraska. 1730 - While retaining their settlements in the Detroit area, many Wyandots migrate southward and settle on the south shore of Lake Erie.

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