Dating a clinically depressed man Free xxx cam to cam chat rooms

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Dating a clinically depressed man

What I find so insulting is that not only do you think that way, you are actually willing to open that disgusting mouth of yours and flaunt your medieval attitude. and then I wonder how sick they will feel that they actually helped make you the rich, successful person you are, when it is so obvious now what a total and complete arsehole you are. I would love to write more, but I truly do not want to give you one more second of my time - other than to toss anything I have that has anything to do with KISS into the closest sewer . Gene should have just kept his mouth shut on the issue.

I wish you could just remove that question and answer because some kids will get the wrong idea from that.Am just wondering how long does it take a Guy to get over a girl, whether its rejection, a breakup or marriage?From what I have seen it takes a long time for men to get over girls, if they really loved them. And "musicians" commenting on KISS talent...jealous much ? Modern psycology has done nothing but give people excuses for bad behavior & for not manning up.

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Gene's comments on the HOF induction that Tommy Thayer had played with the group longer than Ace and should have been included are so bulls--t. I have my music and memories from the 70's when they were tight and oh so good instead of a cover band for a much tighter and tougher band who nobody would have cared about if not for their gimmicks. but their music sucks, and compared to the real talents of the day, like the stones, zep, the beatles, the who, et al, kiss was a joke.

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