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Everything from pledging Greek, to hanging out with my friends in the student union!The fact that it maintains relevancy shows just how timeless 'A Different World' is.”“My favorite episode from 'A Different World' was Season 5, Episode 14: Cat’s in The Cradle.It's a sad goodbye to this show off of Netflix, but knowing that I had the pleasure to watch intelligent and unique black people that represented HBCUs is more than enough.”“My favorite episode(s) of 'A Different World' are the episodes entitled "Honeymoon in LA: Parts 1 & 2" They were by far two of the most chilling and true-to-life episodes to air.Not only did it address the epidemic of police violence on black people in America, but it did so in an educational way.Things go awry when Hillman wins, and they get into a scuffle, which results in the ring-leader of the Virginia A&M students spray painting the N-word on Ron’s car.This episode kept it all the way real about the different perspectives surrounding racism.

My favorite character, Kim Reese, was dating Matthew, a white guy.ADW took viewers into the world of young black people in America, shattering the fictional world that television shows tend to create.'A Different World' is both a show I would like to see stay on Netflix and I show I believe is necessary to keep.I was in my first semester of freshman year when Keith Scott, an unarmed black man was shot by police 30 minutes from my HBCU. had a lot to say when Rodney King was brutally beat by officers, our campus definitely made A LOT of noise.So many other aspects of my college experience mirror ADW as well.

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Interracial relationships are looked at sideways today, but even more back in the 90s.