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Black quiking xxx

in place oiqu-, as nuhik, whetne, white = quick, queme, quite ; and alliteration of original qu- with ih- is not infrequent in some poems, as the Wars of Alexander, Destr. the Norman quemander, quemencher , quemoditt S, que- nntn, etc. A similar varia tion of c and q in native words is rare, but quo- is sometimes found for co-, as in quod cpd, quodgel cudgel, quore core, quorn corn : see also QUEEST, QUITCH s/>. implied by this is still current in the northern and north-midland counties (not in Scotland) : see esp. In certain words of French origin, qu- varies with c- in ME. More rarely que- replaces original co ot cu-, as in quengeoun congeoun, queriger conjure, quenquest conquest, queral coral, querch curch, quesing cousin, questrel custrel ; with these cf. In a few cases the qu- forms survive in western dial., as querd cord, quite coil, quine coin, quirt court. Under the influence of the French and Latin spelling, qn- was substituted for the Old English cw-, and this accounts for the appearance here of a certain number of native words, covering, however, no more than 16 pages. The following summary of the figures there given may be found convenient : Main Subordinate Special Obvious Total No. quaint, quarrel, quarry, quarter (with a remarkable development of special senses, combinations, etc., extending to 19 columns), quest, quit, quite. l82 >o>7 48,634 35, 47 43,324 306,122 1,298,13.6 Of the 182,017 Main words 162,306 are current, 15,732 obsolete, 3,979 alien. THIS half-volume contains the words which begin with O and R, the former being few in number in comparison with the latter. The assistants who have taken a leading share in the preparation of Q and R, either during the whole or a considerable part of the time, have been Messrs.

The most important of these are quake, quean, queen, auell, quench, quick (which with its derivatives and combinations takes up 18 columns), and quotl There are also some later words not demonstrably of foreign origin, a number of which appear to be Imitative ? Latta, Glasgow; the former and the present Keeper of the Advocates Library, Edinburgh, the late Dr. As in OF., this is most common when oi or ui follows : see the forms given under coif, coil, coin (quoiii), coyn, quoit, cuirass, cuir-bouilli, cuisse, cushion, custron, and quaint. There is, however, a growing tendency among scholars to use Q by itself to Iran, literate the Semite kiiph, writing, e. words Q is employed only in the combination qu, whether this is initial as in quake, quality, medial as in equal, sequence, or forming u final consonant (k) as in cheque, ftque, grotesque. The sources of R are more varied than those of Q, the letter being a common initial in many languages, but by far the greater number of the words beginning with it are naturally either Teutonic or Romanic. 1 hf; more alien words are of slight importance in comparison with the rest, but include quagga, quassia, and quina (whence quinine, etc.).

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The earliest occurrence of these spellings is in Gen. Scottish scribes preferred quh- (qvh-, qwh-), which is also, though more rarely, used in northern English MSS.

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