Dating vintage patterns

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Measuring 45mm in diameter, it's numbered 7470 inside the lid and in good working order with a lid activated transit lock.An impressive Georgian mahogany cased pocket compass measuring 52mm square with an attractive paper dial, it dates to the early part of the 19th century circa 1830.Whilst there are no real shortages of the WW1 Verner’s Pattern prismatic compasses, this particular example is a rare experimental version of the MK VII model with a black embossed dial.The compass has no serial number, only the letters M10 along with the date 1918 on the reverse, and interestingly the word REJECTED.The full hunter case is in good condition retaining all its original nickel plating, and the clean undamaged bevelled glass crystal covers an attractive jewelled bearing floating dial.In full working order, including a transit lock, it measures 45mm in diameter, not including the stem.As can be seen from the photos it is in very good condition with minimal loss of its black finish, and a clean undamaged glass crystal. The aluminium dial is clean, unblemished & pivots on a gemstone bearing under a chip free glass crystal.This is a nice example of an early 20th century pocket compass marked 'REG. 416645' on the dial, the design patented by Francis Barker & Son. The hunter case is in good condition with no dings or dents, and still retains virtually all its non reflective finish.

Considered to be the best hand held miltary compass in the world, this Francis Barker M-73 prismatic compass is in virtually mint condition with no paint loss, as can be seen from the photos.Measuring 45mm in diameter and 15mm deep, the compass is in good working order including the lid activated transit lock, and comes in a brown leather case which is also in very good condition.A good example of a nickel plated hunter cased pocket compass, with a gemstone pivot floating dial.It comes with a quality stitched leather case with a belt attachment for protection in the field.You really can't get a more accurate compass, and this is perfect for anyone involved in outdoor pursuits who needs a precision compass.

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In good working order, this a quality antique instrument measuring 88mm diameter & comes with its original leather case which is also in very good condition with sound stitching.